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the round table
Jack loved to watch close-up magic.  He always did the elaborate stage productions with the costumes, props, lights. A few years before he died, he was at our house dressed in shorts showing off his bony knees and he always had that long cigar. After my Dad did a few card tricks for him, he went looking for me. "Hey, how did he do that? Do you know how he did that?" he asked me. A magician never asks another magician how to do a trick but that's not to say he's above asking a magician's teen-aged daughter! My Dad loved to tell that story and I was always amused that one of the world's, and I mean world's greatest magicians could be fooled by a card trick!
Clockwise: That's me and Johnny Gogolak with Jack at our house; Anne and Jack at their 50th wedding anniversary party; my Dad and sister watch Anne; Helen and my sister.
Litttle Red House Guests