Jay Marshall and Frances Ireland
the round table
Jay and Frances were friends from way back as you can see. I talked with Jay some 20 years ago when I started my Gwynne book and again recently about this site. When I suggested I should be writing a book about Jay Marshall, "one of the better, cheaper acts," he immediately said he never wanted anyone to write about him, but would prefer he remain a memory. No one will ever forget the impact  Jay and Frances have on the magic community. Magic, Inc., the magician's store, is still going strong with the help of one of Jay's grandsons.

(L) Sis Laura, Jay and my Dad. (C) Mom Rose, Frances, Dad, Jay and my Aunt Frances.
(R) Frances and Jay at Buddy Gwynne's on 99th and Cicero in Oak Lawn.
"One of the better, cheaper acts"
I remember going downtown with my Dad to Magic Inc. when it was on Dearborn. There was a doorway underneath a stairway in the lobby. Jay told me that's where the midgets lived. I believed him and was always a little leery of going past it after then! I also remember that's where we got a  Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney dummy and I became a young ventriloquist! Sure wish I had Jerry now!
Little Red House Guests
Jay Marshall Dies May 10